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I support the positions of The Future of Freedom Foundation and the Libertarian Party (Libertarian National Committee). I wholeheartedly support the Libertarian position on immigration and The Future of Freedom Foundation’s position on open borders.

Jason Kuznicki makes a coherent statement regarding immigration:

The United States has absorbed substantial waves of Irish, East European, and East Asian immigrants, none of whom came from countries or cultures that habituated them to freedom. Many spoke little or no English and were almost wholly ignorant of the American system. Yet after a generation or two — and often much sooner — they turned out pretty much like any other group of Americans.

I’m fed up with Washington. Are you as fed up with what’s going on in Washington as I am?

I’ve become increasingly concerned about the current direction of our country. I’m concerned about what that direction means for us as individuals, and for the future of our families and our communities.

It seems that no matter which party is in power, government keeps getting bigger, more powerful, more expensive, and more meddlesome. Sometimes, I think that the only difference between the Democrats and Republicans in Congress is which special interest groups they’re most beholden to. Frankly, neither party seems to care about the future of our country — they only care about staying in power.

I’ve had enough, and I’ve decided to do something about it. I’ve decided to join forces with the Libertarian Party, the only serious alternative to the Democrats and Republicans.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the Libertarian Party — the only political party that is truly committed to America’s heritage of freedom. Like most Americans, Libertarians believe that government has become too large, too powerful, too expensive, and meddles too much in our personal lives. They promote individual liberty, personal responsibility, and limiting the size, power, expense, and intrusiveness of government.

I’d like to see those ideas as part of the political debate. If you agree, then please visit the Libertarian Party‘s website at http://www.LP.org. I think you’ll like what you see — I know I did.

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3 Responses to “About Me”

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I agree with much of the Libertarian Party line, however, I am NOT a fan of the ACLU- America was, believe it or not, very Christian oriented at its beginning. The ACLU is anti-christian. No one who is truly in line with the original constitution, documents of origination, can agree with the ACLU stand against all things Christian. The separation between church and state is found NOWHERE in the constituion.

Everybody has a problem or two, even the LP (see their acceptance of Bob Barr for example). The ACLU has a few more problems than most (given their mostly socialistic founding statements), but they do stick up for the ‘little guy’ most of the time. Well at least when it suites them.

There are separation of church and state clauses and sentiments in the US founding documents (Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc.) and truthfully would you really want a government that didn’t have them? We wouldn’t be much different than Iran if our government was allowed to preach religion. Oh, wait, Bust is in power, we’re almost already there…

Best Regards,

M.J. Taylor

For Bob Barr, see:

Hear, hear! I’m always happy to see other people come to the realization that the best thing for a nation is unobstructed liberties!

We must remember though, that at the heart of most of the voters that elect these Democrat and Republican politicians beats liberty loving Americans. We must, in all conversation, not breed contempt or derision but love of liberty, speak to them from their angle and work that angle into a more Libertarian perspective of things. I have had great success talking to hundreds of people from all walks of life and getting them to agree with me. If they are “liberal” and fear big corporations, there is no reason one can’t convince them to fear big government in one way or another, even in the smallest way. You plant seeds for liberty. If they are “Conservative”, explain that only through open trade and leading by example as a peaceful vibrant and FREE nation can we hope to impact change in those overseas! I love to ask them what morality-based legislation would be like in this country if we were 80% Hindu or Muslim. . . I’ve seen some awesome expressions of sudden enlightenment upon this realization.

Only through the people can we hope to impact change in our nation, this must be remembered, Ron Paul was 100% right, we must spread the message of liberty and it’s EASY because it’s POPULAR!

M. D. Roe

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