Gestapo States of America: Enforcing America’s Racial Policy

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A new chapter in U.S. racial policy began on March 1, 2003 with the creation of the U.S. Gestapo (AKA U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement). As if the American dictator‘s creation of the U.S. Gestapo wasn’t bad enough, local police have joined hands with the Gestapo and are taking it upon themselves to become immigration law enforcers.

Southern states are the new battlefield in America’s war on immigrants and immigration. A commentary piece from New American Media describes U.S. immigration’s new battlefield. Local police across the United States (especially local police in southern states) have taken it upon themselves to to investigate and combat “all tendencies dangerous to the state.”

Here’s what’s happening in xenophobic North Carolina:

What is unique about North Carolina is that it is emerging as a model state for the 247-G program, in which local officials are in collaboration with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Thus we have seen a huge rise in local enforcement in the last year for busted taillights, speeding violations, not having a driver’s license.

There are over 20 bills on immigration waiting to be voted on in the North Carolina General Assembly that are all anti-immigrant. They include employer sanctions, English-only laws, making it illegal to get in-state tuition, and increasing the authority of local officials.

Because of the 247-G program, the Wade County courthouse is deporting people out of the courthouse: people report for their probation meeting and are handed over to ICE. In one county, more than 1,100 people were deported. Police officers are personally going door-to-door to catch people with outstanding orders of detention by asking them questions about their status and arresting them if they find out they are illegal.

Here’s the situation in xenophobic Florida:

People are very fearful. Any time they are stopped by a policeman, they are afraid they will be deported. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has conducted early morning, 5 AM and 6 AM raids on Haitians at their apartments in Orlando, for example, in which parents have been arrested and detained for deportation without warning and in the space of five minutes removed from their U.S.-born children and spouses. After about one month of detention, they have been deported, devastating the lives of their children and spouses, and drying up crucial remittances they send to relatives in Haiti.

Here’s what’s up in xenophobic Georgia:

The current immigration debate has created an openly hostile environment against immigrants in Georgia. All foreign nationals in Georgia are urged to be cautious with contact with law enforcement, even for minor traffic violations, because according to the state trooper, it is standard procedure to arrest and detain all foreign nationals for minor traffic violations.

In Alabama, here’s the situation:

There were about 12 different anti-immigrant bills in the House of Representatives in Birmingham. There was one not allowing undocumented persons to vote, which makes no sense because none have voted. Another bill makes an amendment to an existing law. When police stop drivers, the bill wanted to allow them to ask either for driver’s licenses, proof of insurance or proof of entry into the United States, and let them impound their cars. We’ve seen Alabama militia members arrested because they were hoarding weapons and were planning to attack Latinos.

Kentucky Attorney General Greg Stumbo is a bigot:

On a statewide level, the Kentucky Attorney General Greg Stumbo released a statement last week in which he said that it is okay for police officers to check for citizenship status in the course of an arrest. While some police departments were already doing that, for those police departments that were on the fence, it gave them the green light.

Tennessee seems to be full of bigots and racists:

The anti-immigrant sentiment is not just directed at Latinos; it’s affecting the Asian and Muslim communities, anyone who doesn’t look like they are from here.

The U.S. Gestapo and its supporters must be stopped. The members of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) must be stopped.

Further reading:

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6 Responses to “Gestapo States of America: Enforcing America’s Racial Policy”

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You write: ” … anyone who doesn’t look like they are from here.”
Quite interesting considering the history of
america, as the white people are immigrants
too. Only they are inhabiting america longer than the new immigrants.

I can’t put into words when I hear people say
they’re proud of America.
You can’t pick out the good and leave the rest. It’s an all-in-one packet.
If someone tells me he’s caring and he stands behind this way of dealing with people, he’s lying.
Just my thoughts.

i really liked this post, it made me think really hard about the topic…i’m not sure how to reply, but it’s a great post

That’s great. Good to hear the law breakers who come into this country illegally are being treated as the law breakers they are and facing deportation for breaking the law.

As the wife of a LEGAL immigrant, this is good news!

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