Jingoism and Xenophobia in Prince William County, Virginia

Posted on July 15, 2007. Filed under: immigration |

The Los Angeles Times reports that a resolution passed in Prince William County, Virginia could deny illegal immigrants many services. Prince William County, with a population estimated at 280,000 in the 2000 census, is about 30 miles west of Washington. Its main city is Manassas; the area was the site of the bloody Civil War battles of Bull Run.

Some excerpts:

Using a municipal swimming pool or checking out a library book could soon be against the law for illegal immigrants living in Prince William County, Va.

The county’s Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution this week that aims to ban illegal immigrants from receiving most government-funded services, as well as increase enforcement of immigration laws at a local level.

The resolution, if it withstands legal challenges, would be among the toughest of a growing number of resolutions in the country seeking to deter illegal immigration.

Defenders of the resolution included members of a group named Help Save Manassas.

One member, Sue Fleming, was quoted by the Washington Post as telling the board during Tuesday’s debate: “If we turn our heads and permit illegal entry into our county … we are saying our language, our culture, our Constitution, our neighborhoods and our flag are inconsequential. It is a price I do not care to pay.” (Sue Fleming, 8703 Artillery Road, Manassas, VA).


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3 Responses to “Jingoism and Xenophobia in Prince William County, Virginia”

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Too bad the Native Americans did not think that about YOU Sue. What goes around comes around, in this instance, it just took a long time to get back. I say, Shame on Manassas for treating ANYone this way.Many articles are coming out on this issue. It weights heavy in my heart. Too bad the White people don’t get it.

This issue isn’t about immigration ultimately. It’s about the North American Union, the merging of United States with Canada and Mexico. It’s not secret, it’s just not well publicized. It’s about economic powerhouses slicing and dicing the world pie. But, some people are ok with erasing the United States…

i think its abt north american union not abt immigration

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