Fred Thompson – heavy on rhetoric, short on policy

Posted on July 8, 2007. Filed under: Team America |

Associated Press reports (via that Fred Thompson gave a speech Saturday that was heavy on rhetoric.

Some excerpts:

Not yet a 2008 candidate, Fred Thompson energized young Republicans with a speech Saturday that was heavy on rhetoric and short on policy pronouncements. He branded Democrats as “the party of despair.”

Chants of “Fred” and “Run, Fred, Run,” greeted the actor and former GOP senator from Tennessee from many among the 350 people at the Young Republicans National Convention. The crowd interrupted his nine-minute speech with wild applause and mobbed him when he left.

“I’m getting tired of having to apologize for the United States of America around the world,” Thompson said. “I’m tired of other people’s perceptions that we need to apologize.”

Former shoe salesman/truck driver/factory worker Fred Thompson is a narrow-minded bigot. Of course he doesn’t think that the United States of America needs to apologize for anything. Speaking on the topic of immigration last month, Fred Thompson spouted drivel like: “This is a battle between the forces of civilization and the forces of evil and we’ve got to choose sides…” and “This is our home and we get to decide who can come into our home…”

Bottom line: “Fred Thompson, he didn’t really provide strong material.” Electing Fred Thompson or Tom Tancredo would be akin to electing Adolf Hitler to lead the country.


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