Feds Terrorize Immigrant Community in New Haven

Posted on June 10, 2007. Filed under: domestic terrorism, government, immigration, Rights & Liberties |

The New York Times reports on the terrorizing of New Haven by the feds.

Some excerpts:  

The police [in New Haven, Connecticut] adopted a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for dealing with immigrants, and the mayor backed a plan for municipal identification cards. Within the borders of this liberal college town, there was hardly a whiff of opposition.

But starting at 6 a.m. Wednesday[June 6th], two days after the Board of Aldermen overwhelmingly approved the identity card plan, federal agents swept into the largely Hispanic Fair Haven community and arrested some 31 people suspected of being illegal immigrants, many in their homes.

Mayor John DeStefano and other city leaders angrily accused the federal government of “terrorizing” the immigrant community. Many of them speculated that the mass arrests — the first of their kind in recent memory here — were retaliation for the acceptance of municipal identification cards and other immigrant-friendly city policies.

Lawyers and advocates for immigrants who interviewed several relatives of those who were arrested said that in most cases, the immigration officials knocked on their doors and demanded to speak with every adult in the house, then asked for identification.

In several instances, they said, the agents separated the men from the women and asked which of the women had children. Those who did were left behind, while those who did not were taken into custody, the advocates said.

Monique Thibodeaux should be pleased. Monique Thibodeaux is one of a growing number of American bigots. She proposes that all illegal immigrants be given a 90-day period to leave voluntarily. After that, immigration agents, local police and the National Guard, if necessary, should be mobilized to deport them.

Welcome to Police State USA!

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One Response to “Feds Terrorize Immigrant Community in New Haven”

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“Welcome to Police State USA!”

A police state that is caused by the invasion of the United States by 20 million foreigners. Don’t blame the American people for reversing years of neglect by enforcing our borders and immigration laws.

If more liberties are lost, it is due to the illegal aliens and not the American people who are exercising their right to sovereignty among other things.

After all, it is the invasion itself that is the cause for the enforcement actions.

In principle, I agree with Thibodeaux. I have a slightly different take on it however. You can find it here http://peoplespatriot.com/?p=34.

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