God bless Senator Edward Kennedy and the Massachusetts Department of Social Services

Posted on May 4, 2007. Filed under: immigration |

Lilo Mancia and his wife, María Briselda Amaya, were among 361 workers arrested on March 6 in an immigration raid at Michael Bianco Inc., a leather goods factory in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

On April 18, Ms. Amaya was awakened at 4 a.m., driven by immigration agents to Kennedy Airport in New York and placed on a passenger flight to Honduras.

A significant number of Republicans in Congress advocate a broader campaign of deportations that would expel many illegal immigrants and, they say, drive millions more to give up and go home.

From As Deportation Pace Rises, Illegal Immigrants Dig In (New York Times):

So far, many of the deportations have caused illegal families to hunker down and plot ways to avoid detection and resist deportation, not run voluntarily for the border, immigrant advocates said. In Massachusetts, immigration agents have been challenged by lawyers, labor unions and state officials who question their raid tactics and are fighting trench by legal trench to block deportations.

Mr. Mancía was amazed at the offers of help he received, including from the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, the state’s Department of Social Services and Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Democrat of Massachusetts.

Mr. Mancía has been given emergency aid to pay his bills while his deportation case proceeds, and Elizabeth Badger, a public service lawyer in Boston, was still fighting his wife’s deportation after she was on the ground in Honduras.

Mr. Mancía said he and his wife had decided to leave their home in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, for their safety, because criminal gangs used the streets as a combat zone. Ms. Amaya’s sister was on a public bus returning from Christmas shopping on Dec. 23, 2004, when gang gunmen shot it up, killing her and 27 other passengers, he said.

“We walked over dead bodies in Honduras,” Mr. Mancía said. “The children see that and they don’t grow up well.”

I guess illegal immigrants and Americans of color don’t deserve liberty and the pursuit of happiness to which white Americans are entitled.  


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