Cho’s Father is Not Without Fault

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Seung-hui Cho (AKA Cho Seung-hui) did not grow up in a vacuum. It is said that the 23 year-old was isolated, that he was a loner and that he was mentally ill.

Instead of placing 100% of the blame on Seung-hui Cho, much of the blame must rightfully be placed on one or both parents.

Seung Tae Cho [Seung-hui Cho’s father] changed jobs several times and recently worked at Green Cleaners in Manassas, where he pressed pants.

Moon Hee Lee, one of his bosses there, said the elder Cho never took more than a day off at a time and worked Monday through Saturday.

“He was working too hard, just working, working,” she said.

But during lunch breaks, over Korean meals, he would often boast of his daughter. “He was very proud of her. He always talked about her,” she said.

About almost anything else, she said, the family remained quiet.

(from An Isolated Boy in a World of Strangers –

Seung-hui Cho’s father sounds like a workaholic. I find that interesting.

Seung-hui Cho’s father often boasted about his successful daughter…always talked about her (Sun Cho is a Princeton graduate). It sounds to me like Seung-hui Cho’s father played favorites…sounds like he favored one child over the other…. I think that’s interesting as well.

Here’s an excerpt from Before Deadly Rage, a Life Consumed by a Troubling Silence (New York Times):

From the beginning, he did not talk. Not to other children, not to his own family. Everyone saw this. In Seoul, South Korea, where Seung-Hui Cho grew up, his mother agonized over his sullen, brooding behavior and empty face. Talk, she just wanted him to talk.

Their son was well behaved, all right, but his pronounced bashfulness deeply worried his parents. Relatives thought he might be a mute. Or mentally ill. “The kid didn’t say much and didn’t mix with other children,” his uncle said. “ ‘Yes sir’ was about all you could get from him.”

Seung-hui Cho’s father may very well have contributed to Seung-hui Cho’s adjustment problems.

If you ask me, Seung-hui Cho’s father is not without fault.

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2 Responses to “Cho’s Father is Not Without Fault”

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Isn’t that the norm, though, to favor one child over the other? Parents want to identify with the successful child — the one with the most potential. That is the “heir”. The other is the spare.

It happened in my family, only my parents failed to select the one who had ambition. Many decades past, I have succeeded while my brother has faltered.

But he is still the favored child.

the ‘norm’ does not mean it is acceptable or good.

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