USA News Round-up: January 31st

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News Round-up for January 31st

First, immigration….

Reuters reports that the U.S. plans hike in immigration, citizenship fees.


The fee increases, which are subject to a review process, are part of a drive by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to overhaul its strained processing system, which leaves many legal immigrants waiting months or years for a green card or naturalization as U.S. citizens.


The fee increases would provide “appropriate funding to meet customer service needs and national security requirements, and (modernize) an outdated business structure,” the agency said.

Incompetent bureaucrats….

Under the proposed increases, citizenship applications would cost $595, up from $330, while permanent residency applications would jump to $905 from $325.

Is The Gatekeeper trying to discourage permanent residency??

Next, the NSA spy program:

AP reports that the DOJ expanded access to the NSA spying program, but not enough to satisfy lawmakers demanding information about the program.

Some excerpts:

The continued demands for more information underscores Congress’ suspicions of the spying program, which President Bush secretly authorized after the 2001 terror attacks without court review. It was not revealed until December 2005, and has been a sore point for many lawmakers from both parties, as well as civil libertarians who fear people’s privacy rights are being violated.”



The warrantless program, run by the National Security Agency, monitors phone calls and e-mails between the United States and other countries that are suspected to be linked to agents of al-Qaida or affiliated terror groups. A federal judge in Detroit last August declared the program unconstitutional, and government lawyers were back in court Wednesday asking a Cincinnati-based appeals panel to drop a civil lawsuit against it.

The Justice Department argued that the American Civil Liberty Union’s lawsuit is moot since the surveillance now is monitored by the FISA court. But the ACLU is asking the appeals court to uphold the earlier decision in August, since Bush retains authority to continue warrantless surveillance.

Want this badge?

Finally, one more AP story. The U.S. is losing out on international tourism.

Like…duh! This is news?!

Some excerpts:

Fewer international visitors are coming to the United States since the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, despite an initiative announced a year ago by top government officials.


Reasons given for the decline include delays in getting visas, long lines at airports and failure to promote the U.S. abroad.

Lawmakers should just go ahead and give the USA a new name: the United States of Absurdity

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