United States of Absurdity Real ID Act

Posted on January 10, 2007. Filed under: Team America |

The federal government of the United States of Absurdity is starting to require proof of citizenship for benefits.

Some ridiculous excerpts:

The ID rules, which went into effect last July, are targeted at illegal immigrants, who aren’t eligible for Medicaid. The Congressional Budget Office estimated the change will save at least $735 million in taxpayer dollars over the next decade.
But the new law creates problems for Americans without birth certificates or those who can’t find them easily. Even parents with a child’s birth certificate in hand – including for babies born in U.S. hospitals, making them automatic citizens – must provide separate documentation proving legal state residency, such as school or health records.

Americans by the tens of millions will have to dig out documents such as Social Security cards and birth certificates, or go to the expense of getting new ones, to renew their driver’s licenses. Fears of terrorism and the uproar over illegal immigration are behind the new rules. The Real ID Act is a response to the fact that four of the 19 foreign hijackers on Sept. 11 had obtained valid U.S. driver’s licenses

One of the plaintiffs in a class -action lawsuit filed against the Colorado DMV – 70-year-old Leon Hill – became homeless after he was robbed of his identification and money shortly after moving to Denver in 2006. He was denied a new ID when he could produce only his original California birth certificate and a photocopy [of] his driving record. Diana Galliano, 42, was denied a driver’s license when she presented her valid New York driver’s license and U.S. passport. Michael Sullivan, 49, had a birth certificate and photocopies of his stolen New Mexico driver’s license and stolen Social Security card.

Most of the 245 million driver’s license holders in the United States aren’t aware yet that the Real ID Act’s document dragnet for terrorists, illegal aliens and imposters is about to entangle them, too.

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